Welcome to Gračišće!

Gračišće is medieval town of exciting history, ancient culture and peaceful nowadays. It provided shelter to people in the time before the boom of the Roman Empire. The name Gallignana was given by ancient Gauls more than 2000 years ago, and Slavs named it Gračišće, upon their settlement in Istria in the 6th and 7th century,.

In written documents Gračišće is first mentioned in the year 1199th, and during the Middle Ages here was developed commune administration led by the Prefect, judges and elderly counselors. Traces of those times are still visible today. The preserved medieval urban structure and numerous cultural and historical monuments are the reasons why the whole Gračišće is in legal protection.

Today Gračišće is the center of same name municipality, which extends to about 60 square kilometers and the area has about 1500 inhabitants. Preserved landscape has inspired a number of households to engage in rural tourism and traditional commitment to winemaking has given birth to the now traditional annual wine exhibition of Central Istrian vineyards.

Visiting Gračišće you will enter the world of antiques intertwined with deep roots of Western culture.

The beauty and uniqueness of monuments of cultural and historical heritage in preserved landscape are the greatest value of Gračišće who is being visited every day by more and more curious people during Wine Festival of Central Istria, Vidova, Festival of mouth organ players ("Zasopimo na organić") or some other. manifestation.

From the lawn next to the church wide view is opened to mountainous landscape of Istria, which merges on the horizon with the Monte Maggiore (Učka).

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